Suitable from 8 weeks to crawling

Suitable from crawling to walking

Suitable for ages 4 to 5 years

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Advanced Baby Yoga is a class suitable for babies from 9 months to walking. It is a very active and fun class, using movements and stretching to promote balance, flexibility and independent movement to songs and rhymes. The parents in the class work with the children to help facilitate the movements and to model the practices. Yoga based exercises for parents are included with a relaxation at the end.


Advanced Baby Yoga is a continuation of the baby yoga approach for mobile babies. Using songs and rhymes alongside plenty of movement and stretching, this class is designed to support the transition from babyhood to independent movement. As babies make this transition to independence, physical contact with parents is often diminished. The TOGETHER aspect of this class is an important way for you to sustain loving and playful contact, to continue a mutual and positive shared experience to carry you through what can be a challenging time as your little ones begin to test boundaries. Classes provide an opportunity to have fun, whilst promoting strength, flexibility and balance, with relaxation to contrast the more energetic activities.


The approach is fundamental to this course. You are brought together in a holistic, yoga based experience that enhances your little ones physical well-being, helping to stimulate early language, listening and developmental skills, whilst nourishing the spirit and strengthening family bonds. From these firm foundations, children are better equipped to face the challenges that await them in the wider world and you as parents are able to re-connect with your own inner child, sense of creativity and intuition.


Classes run weekly (term time only) from 9 months old to walking


Each course consists of 6 classes (term time only) which covers everything enabling you to continue baby yoga at home with your baby.

Advance Baby Yoga:

Suitable from 9 months to walking

Class times and bookings


Class times and bookings

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